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Centre for Languages and Inter-Communication



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The mission of the Centre for Languages and Inter-Communication (CLIC) is to support the Engineering Department in educating and training global engineers. CLIC's ambition is to prepare students and researchers to successfully navigate a range of academic, professional and social settings in different languages and cultures. Therefore, CLIC provides a stimulating and flexible provision to train students and staff to communicate effectively across diverse teams in increasingly broad and complex environments.

Our courses cover a range of foreign languages (Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish) as well as English and are specifically geared towards students of engineering and other STEM subjects. From October 2020, most of our courses lead to the award of digital badges that the recipients will be able to display on their LinkedIn profile or other social networks. 

All our foreign language courses are FREE to students and staff from CUED but we also welcome students from other departments for a fee (contact us for more details). Our English, academic and professional skills provision is also FREE to research students and postdocs in the Department of Engineering and is geared specifically to maximising the skills of successful global Engineers, following the GELS framework (in English, French, Spanish, Swedish, German).

CLIC also organises a range of trips and cultural activities. Every year, we host language-specific events to allow participants to gain a better understanding of the target culture through food, drinks and cultural activities (quizzes, films, games, etc.). We also organise trips to Paris, Madrid and Germany.

Finally, CLIC is a space where you can come and flick through magazines in different languages, read books, play games and consult reference materials. You can also borrow DVDs & other learning materials.