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Centre for Languages and Inter-Communication

CLIC ChatGPT competition

Help us explore the exciting new possibilities for language learning that ChatGPT can open up! How would you use this AI-powered chatbot to improve your language skills? We're calling on all CLIC and CUED students and staff to find the best ChatGPT prompts for foreign language learning.

  • Submit up to 3 entries for a chance to win £150 (or several other smaller prizes).
  • They must be sent from a Cambridge University email address. 
  • The prompt can be in any of the foreign languages taught in CLIC (Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish), and/or in English.
  • Please include a screen shot of the prompt used and the answer ChatGPT generated (the answer can be truncated if it expands beyond a single screen shot) and a short commentary (60 words maximum) of why you think this is a useful prompt for language learning.
  • Entries must be submitted to the following email address: with the subject line “CLIC ChatGPT competition”. The deadline is 17th February 2023 4pm (UK time).
  • Entries will be judged based on their creativity and their relevance to language learning. If the same prompt is submitted by several candidates, only the earliest submission will be considered.

Please see here for the full terms and conditions. By entering the competition you accept the full terms and conditions.

Link to ChatGPT