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Centre for Languages and Inter-Communication

Lunchtime Language Clubs (French, German, Chinese and Japanese)

This year again, CLIC will offer lunchtime clubs in French, German and Chinese starting from 18th October. Come along (with your lunch/drink) to develop your speaking skills, chat with a native speaker and other students/staff and/or play games. Come for as little or as much as you can/like.

Recommended level: Upper Intermediate/Advanced (AS/A level).

Venue: CLIC common area (on the red sofas!)


French: La pause déjeuner: Mondays 12.30-1.30 (avec )

German: Mittagspause ("Mahlzeit!"): Wednesdays 12.30-1.30 (mit Alexander Bleistein)

NEW from 6th November: Chinese: Wednesdays 1-2pm in the Dyson Building Atrium (with )

Japanese: Wednesdays 1-2pm in the Dyson Building Atrium (with )