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Centre for Languages and Inter-Communication


Employability Digital Badge

The “FIT for the Workplace” digital badge, developed in collaboration with CUES is awarded on completion of a series of 3 workshops:  


Soft skills

Technical skills are a must-have, but a new skillset is emerging when it comes to finding the right candidate for employment. Those harder to teach and quantify skills, the so called soft or interpersonal skills, have become critical in the recruitment process of global companies and are tested at various stages of job applications. In this workshop, you will reflect on:

1. What are soft skills and why you need them?

2. How do you know which ones you have?

3. How can you demonstrate them to your future employers?

4. How to develop them?

Workshop date: Thursday, 19th November 2020, 16:00 - 18:00

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Skillset for VUCA 

In this ever-changing world, adaptability is one of the most valuable skills employers are looking for. In this session, you will discuss the requirements of ‘the new normal’ – the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous reality that requires the right mindset to support you as an ongoing part of your professional life. You will learn how to address VUCA and how to turn the adversities we’re all facing and turn them into opportunities in your future career. 

Workshop date: Wednesday, 2nd December 2020, 16:00 - 18:00

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People buy people 

The ability to ‘sell yourself’ is, alongside luck, the most important ingredient when it comes to your career development. According to employers, being proactive in job interviews by showing not only why you should be hired and what makes you different but also what do you want are key factors in recruitment. In this workshop, you will learn about ‘selling yourself’ through strategic job interview techniques and professional positioning through a LinkedIn profile. 

Workshop date: Thursday, 25th February 2021, 16:00 - 18:00

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