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Living in Britain

Living in Britain

This is a practical seminar, which will address two key aspects of living in Britain. It will focus on the intercultural understanding needed to study and work successfully within the University environment; it will also focus more widely on aspects of British life and culture, considering any topics that participants would like to discuss, and drawing where possible on their impressions and experiences. Participants are welcome to email any questions or particular areas of interest in advance to .


If you sign up but cannot attend a workshop, please remove your name from the list in advance. However, if your name appears on the register and you do not attend the workshop or provide a reason for not attending, your name may be removed from subsequent attendance lists without notice to make space for those on waiting lists.

Bookings open 2nd October

1. Living in Britain - 22/11/19 -  Book here 

2. Living in Britain (REPEAT) - 24/01/20 - Book here 

3. Living in Britain (REPEAT) - 21/02/20 - Book here