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Speaking courses - ONLINE ONLY

Speaking courses


Sign up for a course requires commitment for the full course. If you fail to attend the first workshop of the course and not email your reason for not attending, your name will be removed from the attendance list without notice to make space for those on the waiting list.


Practising your presentations in English - (Bookings open 11th March)

*** The face-to-face element of this course has been cancelled, but if you are a member of CUED interested in learning more about presentation skills or wish to practise your own presentations and obtain feedback, online individual supervisions are available. Please email  to make appointments. ***

  • BOOK here for 7 week course starting on 30/04/2020

This course will help participants to give more confident presentations in English. There will be regular opportunities to practise, and to have feedback on language errors and differences in cultural styles.

Pronunciation - (Bookings open 29th November)

  • BOOK here for 7 week course starting on 16/1/2020

The same pronunciation course will be offered on two different days during the week and will cover all aspects of pronunciation, including individual sounds, stress, intonation and problem words.

Fluency & Appropriacy - (Bookings open 1st October)

  • BOOK here  (Intermediate) for 7 week course starting on 16/10/2019

  • BOOK here  (Advanced) for 7 week course starting on 17/10/2019

These courses cover a variety of spoken English, ranging from the more formal language needed for seminars, discussions and conferences, to the more informal everyday language used in the office and the student house.